Market Intelligence

Understanding how Hutton can develop market intelligence for clients.

Market Intelligence

Our deep knowledge of the markets we work in allows us to understand your competitors. Our research team constantly refreshes and updates this knowledge to ensure Hutton are up-to-date as changes take place in the market, regulation, compensation and other relevant trends and developments.

Market Analysis Reports

Hutton is able to provide you with bespoke market analysis reports. These can include detailed insights into a competitor - their strategies, structure, compensation - or a detailed market map of a specific business area.

Market Information

Our client, a major hedge fund, were considering entering a new strategy. As part of their due diligence process, they wished to understand how the four major firms in EMEA in that strategy structured their business, not only in terms of personnel, but investment process, research process, technology and operations requirements, assets under management and to also understand how those businesses were positioning themselves for their next iteration. Hutton were able, through our networks and existing knowledge, to deliver the product ahead of schedule, which then was used by the executive committee to inform their decision on how to enter the market.